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“Children's clinical dental polyclinic №2”

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Basic information about medical organization

The establishment of our dental clinic dates back to 1965. Nowadays it is the only state children’s institution for dental care in the Volgograd region.

The dental care professionals working for the Children’s dental clinic № 2, the State autonomous dental care institution, which one of the leading health care institutions of Volgograd in the Volgograd region, provide specialized dental care to the children aged 0 to 18. Here we will give your child a beautiful and healthy smile ensuring the highest standards of quality care and minimizing all potential pain episodes during treatment.

The clinic provides the following treatments:

  • sedation with a dental gas (nitrous oxide) and general anesthesia involving sevorane administration performed by experienced anesthetists, which are worldwide dental procedures;
  • Icon, the technique of treating caries at an early stage without prior preparation of a tooth with a dental drilling engine;
  • high-quality endodontic treatment of teeth in children using an endodontic motor;
  • reventive procedures including fluoride preventive treatment, dental fissure sealing employing novel dental materials;
  • highly informative diagnostic procedures: dental panoramic radiography, teleradiography, electromyography, radiography of the temporomandibular joint, Т- scanning;
  • comprehensive orthodontic treatment of dento-facial system pathologies and the temporomandibular joint involving the use of cutting-edge techniques in cooperation with a neurologist;
  • comprehensive treatment of dento-facial system pathologies by a team of orthodontists, neurologists, ENT-specialists, speech therapists, dental surgeons, and a physiotherapist;
  • surgical correction of labial frenulum and oral vestibule in the oral cavity;
  • clinical psychologist’s support provided to a child at all stages of dental treatment.

Anna Nikolayevna Osyko is the chief executive officer of the Children’s Dental Clinic № 2, a high-level certificate pedodontist. Dr. Osyko is certified in Organization of Health Care and Public Health and is a member if the Council of the Volgograd Regional Association of Dentists (VRAD).

We will do our best not only to provide high-quality dental care to your child, but also to become your reliable partners and friends!

In GAUZ “Children's Clinical Dental Clinic No. 2”, the process of providing medical services is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Our institution (LPO No. 1) has passed the certification of the management system in the "Russian Register", having received the certificate of ISO 900: 2015 10/29/2019


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