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   Dear parents!

   My name is Ellina Alexandrovna. I'm a clinical psychologist. And I'd like to talk to You about our children! 
   A child is a holiday that is always with You. 
   Don't expect Your child to be like You or the way You want. Help him to become not You, but yourself.

   Do not ask your child to pay for everything you have done for him. You gave him life – how can he thank You? He will give life to another, that third, and this is the irreversible law of gratitude.

   Don't take it out on the child their grievances to old age is not bitter bread. For what you sow, so shall ascend.

   Do not treat his problems down. Life is given to everyone on forces, and be sure – to it it is heavy not less, than to You, and maybe, and more as it has no experience.

   Don't be so mean!

   Do not forget that the most important meetings of a person are meetings with children. Pay more attention to them – we can never know who we meet in a child.

   Love your child any – untalented, unlucky, adult. Addressing him, rejoice, because the child is a holiday, which is still with You.


What if the baby is afraid to go to the dentist?

Pre-configure the child to visit the dentist. As a rule, the most important role in the fear of children of dentists is the example of the parents themselves. If they are in the presence of the child Express fears and feelings about the treatment or removal of teeth, the children absorb all this and parental fears become their fears. So that the child is not afraid of the dentist, never scold them in front of doctors and always gratefully talk about them, after they have helped you. 

Do not eat during the discussion of the family in the treatment process the words "hurt" and "scary." Before visiting the dentist, do not calm the child with the words: "do Not be afraid! It doesn't hurt at all!". These words immediately cause fear in the child, even if he is not familiar with the process of dental treatment. Psychologically prepare the child for a visit to the dentist will help the game. For example, in doctor Dolittle. Play with your child, offer him the role of a doctor and ask to cure teeth crocodile, which has caries. These games will save the child from the unknown and prepare him for various manipulations in the dental office. 

Offer in exchange for a visit to the dentist to fulfill the child's desire. Even if the baby has all the teeth healthy, the first tour of the dental office is to make in 2 years. Let it be an interesting acquaintance with the doctor, to whom he will continue to go all the time. Already at this age it is necessary to assess the condition of the bite and teeth of the child. If the baby opens his mouth for the first time and realizes that the dentist did not hurt him, then subsequent visits will not be so terrible. The older the child, the harder it is to persuade him to go to the dentist. 

Children who begin to be stubborn and cry, offer to fulfill his desire in exchange for a visit to the dentist. Every child has some kind of dream, about which the parents know. For example, a girl dreams of a new doll, a boy dreams of a radio-controlled car. Explain to your child in advance that after visiting the dentist you will go with him to the store and buy him his "dream". This technique is more effective if the child toy at the end of the reception will give the dentist. To do this, it is necessary to agree in advance with the doctor and give him a toy, which he must give to the child after he enters the office. In this case, the dentist is associated with a child with a person who brings joy and gives toys. 

Explain to the child why he needs to go to the dentist and why it is necessary to treat teeth. To hike the dentist to prepare the child from the youngest years. Teach your baby to take care of his teeth, buy him a toothbrush and toothpaste. Explain the danger of tooth decay and delayed his treatment. Tell him that the dentist helps people when they have a toothache and that everyone who does not want to be left without teeth at a young age goes to him. But do not focus the child's attention on the process of treatment and removal of teeth, it is better to say that the dentist looks at the teeth of each patient and decides what to do with it. 

Tell your child about the treatment. Tell your child in detail how the doctor will treat the tooth, what tool will take, and what will do. In no case do not use terrible words, such as "prick", "drill", "pull". The drill can be presented to the baby as a pen, the rod of which turns and gently cleans the hole in the tooth, so that there is nothing left spoiled. 

Prepare the child morally. The main thing – do not scare the baby! If you promised that it would not hurt – and your child felt pain in the chair, then the trust in the doctor and parents will disappear. Explain to the child that a good doctor should examine the teeth and cure them so that in the future they will not be hurt. 

Promise that if the baby will feel a little pain, the doctor will make a small pinch, and then already precisely will not hurt. 

Do everything to visit the children's dentist was clear and predictable, then the anxiety and fear of the child will be much less or disappear altogether. 

Play with your child Suggest the child with the help of pictures to consider medical instruments and even better together to draw them. As a result, a visit to the dentist will be like a game – you can take your drawings and compare them with the tools – so the treatment process will be even more interesting and exciting for the baby. 

Not worry. Children perfectly feel the emotional state of their parents, so do not make a strict appearance and do not Express sharply any disagreements with the doctor, as this can affect the confidence of the baby to the dentist. 

Do not panic in the queue You can be in the queue to the dentist next to crying babies. Try to distract your child, hinting that, for sure, the baby just lost a toy or someone offended. 

If you have received consent – congratulations! Your kid gave the nod – congratulations! – in this case, it is necessary to organize the process of treatment in the form of a game, in the end of which he will get a pleasant surprise! 

A huge mistake that parents make is that they are taking the baby to the dentist for the first time not for the usual examination, and when the child has pain. Such a meeting is unlikely to leave pleasant memories.

We are waiting for You in the clinic!

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