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Our history

The history of creation and development of our institution began in 1965, when on the basis of the city dental clinic № 1 opened a children's Department. Head of the Department Zorina Nina. In June 1979, the Department was transformed into "Children's city dental clinic № 2". Today it is a state Autonomous health institution "Children's clinical dental clinic № 2".
The first head physician of the clinic was Simon Zahra p. (1979 – 1981). On her shoulders lay the hard work of creating and organizing a new institution.
In 1982, the clinic was headed by Nina Tkachenko. Nina Stepanovna, as an experienced pediatric dentist, has set a difficult task at the time the modernization of the institution, which was performed. The acquisition of new modern equipment began, dental offices were opened in educational institutions. Thanks to the opening of school dental offices, there was a gradual transition from visiting team forms of treatment to an organized district principle of dental care for children. In 1983 for the first time the agreement on cooperation with the Volgograd State medical Institute was signed. The Union of science and practical health care contributed to the development and strengthening of pediatric dentistry in the region. We can safely say that from now on, thanks to the foresight of the head of the institution N. S. Tkachenko, began a new round in the development of children's dental service of the Volgograd region.
In 1981 on the basis of policlinic it is open and today actively conducts the work only in SFD the Center of medical examination of children with congenital pathology of maxillofacial area. The first head of the center was associate Professor Anna emmanuilovna Klyachko, then for 20 years the Center was headed by associate Professor Vilena Ismailovna Ismailova. Currently, the head of the center is a doctor of medical Sciences, associate Professor, head. Department of dentistry of children's age VSMU Irina V. Fomenko.
In 1984, Nina Stepanovna headed the organizational and methodological Department of the institution, handing over the management of the clinic to her student and colleague Lyubov Sergeevna Litovkina, for many years remaining her mentor and colleague in the formation and development of not only our institution, but also the entire dental service of the Volgograd region.
Lubov led the clinic for 20 years. It has made a huge contribution to the development of pediatric dentistry in the region. Thanks to its efforts in the nineties in Volgograd interaction between educational and medical institutions remained, rendering dental care in schools remained. Thanks to active cooperation with the Volgograd medical Academy, the Dental Association of Russia and the Department of health of Volgograd, school preventive educational programs and the project "milk Fluoridation"were introduced in the city.
In 2000, the III all-Russian scientific and practical conference of pediatric dentists "Dental health of the child"was held in Volgograd. The conference was organized by the Volgograd medical Academy, the dental Association of the Volgograd region, the health Committee of the administration of the Volgograd region, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. In one of the articles of the newspaper "Dentistry today" it was written: "Special thanks to all participants expressed the main organizer of the conference – the chief pediatric dentist of Volgograd Litovkina L. S. Indeed, only thanks to her enthusiasm and great energy, everything was possible to carry out at the level that is possible in the conditions of Volgograd. We are also grateful to the whole team working with Lyubov Sergeevna."
From 2004 to 2009, the institution was headed by Tatiana Dmitrienko.
From March 2009 to February 2017, the institution was headed by Marina Leonidovna Panchenko (Yanovskaya), chief freelance pediatric dentist of the Ministry of health of the Volgograd region.
In 2013, as a result of reorganization (merger of the MUSES "Children's stomatologic polyclinic №5") at the address: street Militia, 43 openly, preventive medical unit № 2 of SAHI "Children's clinical stomatological polyclinic № 2", where organized delivery of dental care to children on the profile of dentistry pediatric dentistry, surgical dentistry.
In 2015, the open treatment-and-prophylactic Department №3 SAHI "Children's clinical stomatologic polyclinic № 2" at the address: N. Consolation, 4A, in which the organized delivery of dental care to children on the profile of dentistry pediatric dentistry, surgical dentistry, orthodontics.
In 2015 on the basis of GUZ "Children's clinical hospital №8" at the address: kovrovskaya St., 2 the dental Department of GAUZ "Children's clinical dental clinic № 2" where treatment of teeth to children in the conditions of the General anesthesia is carried out is organized, the day hospital is open.
From April 2017 the chief doctor of the Expense is Anna Nikolaevna.

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