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“Children's clinical dental polyclinic №2”

(SAHI "Children's clinical dental polyclinic N2")

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Albina 25.09.19

Great clinic and specialists. Everything is great, starting from the surroundings, ending with the result of the work of specialists. Everything is here for the children and the peace of the parents. Not in all private clinics everything is so beautifully and beautifully arranged: game zones, screens with cartoons above each chair, and just a light, cheerful atmosphere. Everything is clean, the walls are painted with beautiful game plots. Everyone is very friendly. Reasonable (I would even say low) prices for paid services, but everything can be done completely free. Special thanks to Anastasia Yuryevna Toropova. A 3.5-year-old child didn’t even notice how she was drilled with two teeth without anesthesia, they chatted so that she didn’t want to leave. A small gift at the end of the procedure is a nice bonus. Now he asks when we will go on to treat teeth. I didn’t even think that such a thing was possible. Such specialists are worth their weight in gold. Thanks to all.

Anastasia 05.09.19

Hello! On September 3, 2019, I contacted Dentistry at Nikolay Otrada 4a. I want to express my deep gratitude to the dentists for their quick and most important quality work. They removed 2 teeth for her daughter, she was very afraid, but the doctors very quickly, and most importantly, performed this procedure qualitatively. I want to express special gratitude to the surgeon A.D. KHECHIKOV, this is a wonderful surgeon, a professional in his field, painlessly removed his teeth, and most importantly after removal nothing hurts, my daughter is delighted and now not afraid to pull her teeth. the giftedness to the doctor-terrevt A. CHERESHNEV, for the fact that he also helped us to prescribe the treatment, and all this quickly and very professionally, now we only treat his teeth. And thanks to the nurse A. PIMKINA, also for the special approach to the children, for understanding , support. Now we treat teeth only in this dentistry. If we had more doctors with such a good heart, and the kids would not be afraid of dentists at all. THANKS TO YOU FOR THAT YOU MAKE THE WORLD OF DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN PAINLESS !!!!!!!!!!

Julia 18.06.19

Previously, went to private clinics with children, but once for the first time in the branch on Spartanovka, I saw no difference from the private, except for prices, of course, which are in the state at times cheaper. Repair fresh, new sofas. The hall is quite large and bright. Staff is courteous. Lepnuhov Irina - our doctor, very carefully refers to children of any age, all of them explains all the sayings says. After reception gives gifts. Before the 7 Guards worked sooo good surgeon - smul'sky, teeth pulled out in a second, the tools are so disposed that the child didn't see anything. But now he does not work there, unfortunately.

Natalya 06.06.19

Was 27.05.2019 in the clinic on Militias for the first time. Pleasantly surprised. The impression is only positive, starting with friendly registrars, friendly doctor - Shokina O. V., surgeon Abbasov is a professional, the work was done skillfully,found the right approach to the child in a stressful situation. The level of the clinic is determined not by the external surroundings, but by the attitude to their work and young patients!

Natalya 27.05.19

We are very grateful to Dr. V. N. Abbasov. Found the right approach to the child, a wonderful doctor who loves his job.

Irina 16.05.19

I am very grateful to the surgeon Abbasov Vadim Nuriddinovich. It was the first time we removed a tooth. The daughter was afraid to go to the surgeon. I was hysterical, but the doctor easily found an approach to my daughter. Thank you so much.

Tatyana 26.02.19

I want to Express my gratitude to Anastasia Yurievna Toropova! Doctor and specialist with a capital letter! Finds a special approach to children of all ages! I took my daughter to her, and now my son has grown up! And again, just for her! Both kids and mommy all dohodchiv explains (though rarely where children explain everything!), More such specialists!

Svetlana 22.02.19

I want to thank Krivtsova Daria Andreevna. Young, but very competent doctor. Children are delighted, always happy to run to the reception. And what is most surprising - never saw coming out of her upset children, all with smiles. Is this not an indicator)

Julia 21.02.19

I want to Express my gratitude to the wonderful orthodontist and a HALF YANINA PETROVNA! She did wonders! Made me happy! Now I have the right bite, beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile! Thank you for her individual approach, for her work and good attitude!

Ksenia 20.02.19

4 years ago, before school, I took my son to the dentist for examination. We recorded to Lepnuhov Irina Vladimirovna! Until now, I thank the universe for such a gift! This is the best dentist I've ever met! Thank You, Irina Vladimirovna, for Your work, for professionalism, for attention to young patients, for important advice, for healthy teeth of my son! It is a pity that now it is almost impossible to get to You on reception, but I am glad for those patients who are treated at You!


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