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Elena 24.01.19

Many thanks to dentists, therapists and surgeons, the entire Department of pediatric dentistry number 3 on the street Nicholas Joy 4A!!!! Professionals, people with hearts of gold! ! ! ! ! Today I brought my son to the reception, I was advised by a friend at work, very praised. My son is very afraid of all the doctors, but here the dental staff did the impossible, starting with the examination and ending with the removal of the tooth. It is clean, comfortable, there are several play areas for kids. Very quickly and politely make out at the reception. If so everywhere treated our babies, children wouldn't have fear at the sight of the doctor. In the future I will drive my child here only.

Julia 21.01.19

The first time brought the child to treatment, very worried not to scare for life, but Krivtsova Daria Andreevna so great procedure for the treatment of pulpitis that my daughter did not even notice how the injection was made. Smiling, friendly, very quickly found an approach to the child. I explained that will do so that my daughter had neither droplets of fear, nor a protest wasn't. the second appointment was with pleasure and anticipation!!!! A huge thank you to Daria Andreevna!

Marina 11.12.18

Hurray, my treatment on braces is over ))) I would Like to Express my gratitude to the orthodontist Half Yanina Petrovna!!! Excellent specialist. Competent, friendly and very nice woman. Available all explains to such doctors want to apply. I had problems not only with my teeth, but also with my joint. And thanks to Janina Petrovna, I am not ashamed to smile now, and the discomfort in the joint has passed. Thank You very much, very glad that it came to you! )

Marina 05.12.18

For the first time asked for medical help with the child to the doctor Nikitina T. V. the Doctor though young, but made impression of the competent expert. Cleverly found in contact with the children, cured one tooth without crying. The doctor is very pleasant to talk to, all the time the child was in the dental chair was positive. I recommend to contact Nikitina T. V., especially if you plan to visit a dentist with a child for the first time.

Olga 04.12.17

Got on reception to Marchenko Oksana Leonidovna on acute pain. The doctor explained everything in detail, calmed my child and provided professional assistance. The daughter is delighted with the doctor!!! Thank You, Oksana Leonidovna, now only to You!!! I am glad that the children's clinic employs such specialists!

Natalia 15.10.17

Good day! For the first time visited the clinic due to the fact that milk teeth began to change to permanent, and the growth of permanent teeth was not correct. Went to the doctor the orthodontist Yanina Petrovna-a DOCTOR FROM GOD!!! Friendly, high-level specialist, all clearly explains the approach to the child exclusively from the best side. Then applied for treatment of the teeth to Thermal I. A. - the suave doctor and a great specialist. Conditions of stay wish to leave the best. Clean and tidy. I also want to note the registry workers and only on the positive side.

Anna 27.09.17

Every year I am treated in this clinic, it's nice to see how it has changed after repair. I want to thank the wonderful doctor Tatyana Telegina for the attention and courtesy, but most importantly the literacy and competence of the business, for the Golden hands! And honey.sister Ninotchka thanks to this team my teeth are healthy. Thank You very much!

Irina 14.09.17

Hi. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the wonderful doctor of your clinic TYMOSHENKO ALEXANDER NIKOLAEVICH. This doctor from God. I think many doctors should learn to communicate with children from him. And teeth removes all fearlessly. Not one child did not come out with tears from him. Thanks to such doctors, children are not afraid to treat teeth. Also I Express my gratitude to the nurse Anna OLEGOVNA PUSHKINA who became a tooth fairy for us. Thank You very much for the healthy teeth of our children.

Melihova Anna 24.08.17

I want to thank the dentist Ponomareva Olga, very kind, competent doctor!!! I treat my two children only with her! The eldest son only wants to go to her, before that he went to the dentists with horror. Junior 1г8мес. Treated by Olga, happy to sit down, opens his mouth and sits still. I am very glad that now my children have no problems and fears before dental treatment! Thank you!!!

Victorya 24.08.17

We are treated at Ponomareva Olga Vladimirovna for a long time.A doctor from God.Seals are always long.You can see the quality of the doctor's work.How many selected clinics and dentists to your child and thank God found.Dear Olga Vladimirovna!Thank you for your work,openness and ability to find an approach to my baby.Now we go to the dentist with pleasure,we are not afraid,we do not scream and we do not cry.


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