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“Children's clinical dental polyclinic №2”

(SAHI "Children's clinical dental polyclinic N2")

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Elena 22.08.17

I want to Express my gratitude to Karpova N. K. for her hard and painstaking work. Thank You very much.

Elena 23.07.17

I Express my deep gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful doctor - Lepnuhov Irina Vladimirovna! From the first time we went to the dentist for a consultation, about a year, we began to go only to her, and go to this day. I think, thanks to her approach to children, professionalism in work - my child goes to the doctor without fear. She is a professional and work with children, I think it is a gift that she did not take away!

Olga 21.07.17

The child is 4.5 years got sick tooth. Appealed to the clinic in the Mountain village. Very friendly and helpful staff. He was a child two of pulpitis. It was necessary to start treatment immediately. Many thanks to the children's dentist Ekaterina Kravchenko - a high-level professional! A few years ago she treated her eldest son, everything was fine. Now a little worried about how the treatment will take place, as the child is small. But for the treatment of pulpitis need to do anesthesia. The experience was in vain. Ekaterina Gennadievna is an excellent dentist and, what is very important, she knows how to win over a little patient! Before treatment explained to the child in an accessible language all that will do . As a result, the whole process was without fear and pain! We visited the clinic several times in a good mood and cured all the teeth. My son was pleased, and so was I.

Zhanna 16.07.17

I want to thank Lepnuhov Irina Vladimirovna for the friendly attitude to the children and parents of children.professionalism,endurance,and many other human and professional qualities.which,in my opinion, should have a doctor,especially working as a pediatric dentist.You will always be met with a smile,help to understand the issues of interest and discuss with you the tactics of treatment of the child.We are observed at it about 14 years and with sadness I think that soon it is necessary to leave as,alas.we will cease to be patients of children's dental clinic,we will enter adult life.Successes' in the work of this doctor and patient,friendly patients!

Tamara 13.07.17

Since 2000, observed in Irina rooster. A wonderful doctor who can find an approach to any child. A knowledgeable specialist will always tell and explain everything, give the necessary recommendations. First observed with the eldest daughter, now I drive the younger, always without fear goes to the reception. I'll bring my granddaughter to her soon. Thank you very much.

Vasiliy Alexandrov 07.06.17

Many thanks to You, Yanina Petrovna, Your specialists for high professionalism and human attitude! Very happy with the help!!! I am a surgeon assistant of the Department of hospital surgery of VSTU. I work in 2 hospitals and the University, I have seen a lot, but I am very glad to the good-natured reception and quality of medical care in the children's clinic! Thank you very much!

Natalya 19.05.17

"Hello! We Express our deep gratitude to the doctors clinic: Misarebi Nadezhda Ivanovna,Panchenko Marina Leonidovna,Shuvaeva Victor A.,Solnyshkina Tatyana Vasilyevna,Sergeenkova Elena Yu., Safonova Elena Anatolievna and Utegaliev Aline. Thank you for your professionalism,kindness and care. Permanent teeth were treated and milk teeth were removed under General anesthesia,the child is "special" with autism.We came from far away,very happy with the attitude towards patients and their parents. You are good wizards,thank you for Your work!!! Sincerely, Natalia and Elizabeth."

Olga Samitova 01.02.17

Hello! At the end of last summer(2016), my daughter had an accident in the garden!During the walk, she fell from the horizontal bar and drove the front teeth into the gums, ie there was a dislocation of the teeth, and the teeth were already permanent!!!So we came to the consultation to the head of the orthopedics Department of Polovinoi Yanina Petrovna! I want to note that the attitude to the child and to parents, that professionalism as a doctor is simply the HIGHEST PRAISE! For half a year that we are treated, and this hood with braces, monthly monitoring by Yanina Petrovna and the professionalism of her team of doctors led that we saved our daughter's teeth, although the forecasts were initially not in our favor! I would very much like my review to be read in the administration of the clinic, because there are not so many professional doctors!!! I wish all parents patience and good results in the treatment of their children!


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