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Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with the emergence of diseases of the Central and peripheral nervous system, as well as studying the mechanisms of their development, symptoms and possible methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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The most common reason for seeking a neurologist is a pain. There are acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is a signal of trouble caused by trauma, infection, inflammation. Most often, a specialist is treated with a headache, back pain, in the joints.

If you have any signs you need to seek help from a specialist in the field of neurology:

  • dizziness
  • General lethargy
  • weakness of the limbs
  • periodic loss of consciousness
  • convulsion
  • ticks
  • neurotic disorders
  • numbness of different parts of the body
  • sleep and memory disorders
  • tinnitus
  • the deterioration of hearing, vision and smell

Methods of treatment used for the treatment of neurological diseases:

  1. Medicamentous methods: all drugs that are used in various diseases of the NS.
  2. Non-medicamentous methods: diet, herbal medicine, acupuncture and other methods of alternative medicine, therapeutic massage, manual therapy.
  3. Physical method: physical therapy (sets of exercises), physiotherapy (laser therapy, magnetic therapy, diadinamotherapy, myostimulation, electrophoresis).


More information about the neurologist and the methods used in the GAUZ "DKSP № 2" can be found here.

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