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Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry - is preventive measures to prevent the development of dental diseases. Preventive dentistry teaches patients to properly care for the oral cavity, and also allows you to maintain in good condition both milk and permanent teeth.

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The main directions of prevention in our clinic:

  • Training in proper cleaning of teeth and oral hygiene;
  • Forprotection.:

Fluoridation of teeth can be:

— surface (application by fluoride)

— deep (application of enamel sealing or dentin sealing liquid)

  • Fissure sealing.

The essence of this procedure is that the narrow and deep fissures are filled with a sealant (a special filling material), which fills all hard-to-reach, deep surfaces and makes them more smooth and smooth. With such a surface, the plaque is much easier to clean and thus created a barrier is a good prevention of fissure caries. The sealing compound is not only a physical barrier to the development of pathogenic bacteria, but also saturates the tooth tissue with fluoride, strengthening the tooth enamel.

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