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The role of x-ray examination in modern dentistry is growing steadily. To the traditional task of identifying and clarifying the nature of diseases of the dentition are increasingly added indications for the use of x-ray techniques in determining the results of conservative and surgical treatment, assessment of the dynamics of pathological processes.

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GAUZ "Children's clinical dental clinic №2" is equipped with its own diagnostic equipment, which allows you to get all the necessary information about the state of the patient's dental-jaw system on the day of treatment, without the help of third parties.

Types of x-ray studies:

  • Panoramic pictures of teeth, or orthopantomogram (optg). Optg is the gold standard of x-ray diagnostics in dentistry, as it allows "on the fly" to identify the presence of various diseases without deepening in the details, to conduct a full preliminary assessment of the state of the tissues of the teeth and jaws and make a preliminary treatment plan.
  • Sighting x-rays of the teeth. Endodontic treatment of dental canals is unthinkable without dental x-rays: a targeted x-ray of the tooth is necessary to assess the quality of treatment at each stage of treatment (passage, disinfection and obturation). The use of soft digital film sensors makes it possible to conduct x-ray examination even in the smallest patients, due to its compact size and the absence of solid parts;
  • Teleradiography (TRG). X-ray examination for upcoming orthodontic treatment. Based on the data of the TRG analysis, a decision can be made on the choice of a particular method of treatment;


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