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Surgical dentistry

Surgical dentistry is a clinical discipline of dentistry that studies surgical diseases and injuries of teeth, oral organs, face and neck, bones of the facial skeleton. Among the treatments that are used in surgical dentistry, surgical interventions are leading.

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Diseases that need to be addressed to the surgeon dentist:

  • inflammatory diseases of teeth, jaws, face and neck tissues, oral organs (acute and chronic periodontitis, acute periostitis of the jaw, osteomyelitis of the jaw, abscesses, phlegmons, lymphadenitis);
  • difficult teething;
  • injuries of teeth and jaws;
  • anomalies of development of organs of the mouth (the frenulum, tongue);
  • congenital malformations of maxillofacial area;
  • cysts and tumors of the maxillofacial area (soft tissues and bones);
  • odontogenic inflammation of the maxillary sinus;
  • diseases of the salivary glands.

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