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Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry - the field of clinical dentistry, engaged in the study of the causes of diseases of the teeth, surrounding tissues (gums and periodontal), oral mucosa, as well as the development of methods for their detection and treatment.

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The therapeutic office offers a wide range of dental services using innovative treatment technologies and modern dental materials.

  • Safe and comfortable treatment at the dam.
  • Treatment of dental caries by the method of infiltration with the use of innovative techniques to "ICON".
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth with restoration and, if necessary, correction of anatomical shape, the introduction of teeth into the harmonic occlusion. Closing three, diastem. The use of light polymerization composites of the latest generation of leading foreign companies.
  • The restoration of the destroyed coronal part of the tooth with the use of "Lux KOR»
  • Restoration of the chewing group of teeth using the innovative sonicfill system.
  • Modern methods of treatment of complicated forms of caries with subsequent obturation of root canals with gutta-percha thermoplasticmaterial devices BeeFill, "Guttekor".
  • Endodontic treatment using NiTi instruments, endomotor, apexlocator, apparatus "Photosan", treatment of previously treated teeth in complex clinical cases.
  • Conducting professional oral hygiene by "Airflow" and fluoridation of teeth.
  • Professional teeth whitening system "Clox", "Opalescence" in a dental office in one visit.
  • Treatment of teeth with increased sensitivity using modern sealants and desensitizers, as well as using a laser.
  • Vector therapy in patients with periodontal disease, treatment of peri-implantitis. The use of the device "Proton»
  • Treatment of periodontal disease using laser technology on the device "Photosan".
  • Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa.

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