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Treatment-and-prophylactic Department №1

Therapeutic and prophylactic Department №1 of GAUZ "Children's clinical dental clinic № 2" is located at the address: 7Y Gvardeyskaya str., 19a. The Department provides dental care to children of the Central district of the city of Volgograd, districts of the region, as well as for children of other districts of the city of Volgograd.

Doctors of this Department provide qualified dental care in different areas, including:

  • treatment of dental caries and its complications;

Remember! Premature loss of milk teeth as a result of caries causes disturbances in the formation of the bite and jaw, complicates the process of chewing food and can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Complicated forms of caries in children negatively affect the development of a permanent tooth and can provoke its death. Therefore, it is necessary to timely treatment of caries in young children, aimed at preserving the tooth.

  • removal of milk and permanent teeth;

In most cases, the reasons for treatment in surgical dentistry in children are:

  • exodontia,
  • lymphadenitises,
  • abscesses,
  • phlegmons,
  • periostitis,
  • osteomyelitis of the jaws,
  • tooth cysts,
  • trauma to the teeth,
  • diseases of the salivary glands.

Preventive measures to prevent the development of dental diseases:

  • sealing of fissures and pits of teeth;

Sealing of pits and fissures on the chewing surface of premolars and molars is an effective measure to prevent tooth decay. According to some authors, this method provides a reduction in the growth of caries by 90-95%. The basis of this method of prevention is the principle of excluding contact of carbohydrates and microorganisms of the oral cavity with enamel fissures.

  • professional oral hygiene of the child.

The essential elements of the complex treatment of diseases of the oral cavity is the professional health. Professional hygiene is a mandatory measure in the behavior of sanitation of the oral cavity.

14 doctors, including 7 doctors of the highest category, 3 of the first category, work at the reception. In their work, doctors use modern dental materials: filling materials, materials for sealing fissures and pits of teeth, preventive fluoride varnishes.

In 10 schools of the Central district are receiving 7 children's dentists, including 1 doctor of the highest category and 2 doctors of the first category. Children are provided with qualified medical dental care, preventive measures, dispensary observation for health groups.

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