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When do I need to see an Otorhinolaryngologist?

For many patients, difficult nasal breathing, dryness and sore throat, ear congestion have become commonplace, but at first glance minor symptoms are not harmless. ENT diseases not only worsen the quality of human life, but also contribute to the development of diseases of the maxillofacial region, bronchi and lungs, cardiovascular, nervous and other systems. If the treatment of a certain pathology of the ear, throat or nose is not given proper attention, there is a risk of complications that can seriously worsen the overall health and even create a real threat to the patient's life. Therefore, it is so important to diagnose ENT diseases in a timely manner to eliminate the risk of complications and transition to a chronic form.

It is important to remember that timely access to the ENT doctor will save you from severe complications that require long, complex, expensive treatment. Self-treatment and ignoring a visit to a specialist can lead to serious complications and negative consequences!

Do not delay a visit to the ENT doctor if you have:

  • pain in the sinuses, feeling of nasal congestion, purulent discharge;
  • ear pain, hearing loss, headache;
  • sore and sore throat..

For the diagnosis of ENT , the doctor will offer You to be examined:

  • laboratory blood tests;
  • smears to determine the type of pathogen from the pharynx and nose;
  • x-rays, audiogram, and a number of other studies.

After diagnosis, You will be selected the optimal individual treatment regimen, taking into account the possible chronic diseases and characteristics of the body, which will allow you to stop the disease in the shortest possible time. Also, our ENT doctor can make a program of treatment of chronic diseases that require long-term monitoring and regular monitoring, correction of therapeutic measures.

Prevention of diseases plays a huge role in maintaining the health of ENT organs. Our specialist will offer the necessary assistance and advise on the methods and modern methods of disease prevention or prevention of exacerbation of chronic pathology.

Currently, the interdependence of ENT pathology with dentoalveolar anomalies in children and adults has been convincingly proved.

Diseases of the ENT organs during the formation of a permanent bite lead to a violation of the functions of the maxillofacial region (breathing, swallowing, speech, etc.), which can seriously affect the state of the bite. Constant nasal congestion that occurs in a child due to various chronic diseases of the nasal cavity — adenoids, nasal septum curvature, allergic rhinitis is the cause of nasal breathing disorders. In these conditions, the child can not physically breathe effectively through the nose, breathes through the mouth, which leads to improper work of the muscles surrounding the dentition, there is underdevelopment, deformation (narrowing) of the jaws, resulting in a shortage of space for permanent teeth, their crowded and abnormal eruption. A child who can not breathe through the nose, can not use orthodontic devices in the mode recommended by the doctor, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment, lengthens its terms. In order for orthodontic treatment to be successful, it is necessary to effectively treat ENT pathology, restore the function of nasal breathing in the child.

Therefore, early detection of this pathology and timely treatment is an effective prevention of malocclusion and a prerequisite for successful orthodontic treatment.

Dear parents! Early detection and quality treatment of ENT pathology along with the formation of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of bad habits in children is the key to the proper formation of the bite of the child.

Entrust the preservation of Your health and the health of Your child to a professional.

For Your convenience, a visit to the ENT doctor can be arranged by phone.

We are waiting for You in the clinic!

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