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In dentistry, many physiotherapy techniques are used as an addition to the main treatment or independently. Physiotherapy is used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, pain syndrome of various etiologies, before and after surgery, in the rehabilitation period after injuries.

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Photodynamic therapy with Fotosan apparatus (Photosan) is carried out in our clinic. This led lamp for photodynamic therapy (light-activated disinfection or photo-activated disinfection) is an ideal solution for quick and easy tissue disinfection. It is a form of treatment that includes three main components: light, a photosensitive substance (photosensitizer) and oxygen.

The benefits of treatment with FotoSan:

  1. Immediate, noticeable as early as the end of the procedure
  2. Effective in the fight against all microorganisms of the oral cavity
  3. Is not formed, the resistance of microorganisms, in contrast to treatment with antibiotics
  4. Safety, no side effects
  5. The possibility of multiple repetition of the procedure
  6. Low price


Indications for use of the apparatus of the FotoSan:

  • Caries (to exclude the development of caries under the seal)
  • Pulpitis (complicated caries, inflammation of a nerve)
  • Periodontitis (complicated caries, inflammation on the root of the tooth)
  • Treatment of chronic and acute gingivitis (inflammation of the gums, bleeding gums)
  • Treatment and prevention of periodontitis (bleeding gums, pus, bad breath)
  • Alveolitis (rehabilitation after tooth extraction surgery)
  • Peri-implantitis (inflammation around the implant)
  • Pericoronitis (inflammation of the gums with difficult eruption of wisdom teeth)
  • Herpes (cold on the lips, viral bubbles on the skin and mucous membranes)

Apparatus UFO — shown in acute, including purulent inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial region, ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa, chronic purulent periodontal disease.

Laser device — this device is used in the treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, oral ulcers, stomatitis. With dislocations of the mandibular and maxillary joints, to improve blood circulation in the oral cavity.

Almag 1 the Positive effect of electromagnetic fields on the body has been proven. Magnetotherapy is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in many diseases. The therapeutic effect is based on the use of variables, constant and running currents. It is used for ENT diseases, diseases of the nervous system and joints.


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